Stones Sharp Accountants is a boutique Accounting Firm located in Kew. Since our beginning in 1940, we’ve been helping companies and individuals effectively navigate their way through the complex world of taxation. In the current competitive business landscape, advice is essential. We take a highly personalized and customized approach with all of our clients, whether large or small. Our core strength is our ability to create close, long term relationships with our clients. Our reputation continues to be built on trust, honesty and open communication. Our mission is to become a crucial part in our clients companies, offering advice and strategic planning that can help them not in the short term but well into the future. Our forecasting and planning strategies help our clients achieve their financial results faster, and in ways that encourage intelligent planning and calculated steps.

We specialize in customized Accounting & Taxation planning solutions for the following areas: Company Taxation, Partnerships, Trusts, Superannuation including Self Managed Super Funds, Deceased Estates, Corporate Guidance, Audit Insurance & Bookkeeping.

Our approach entails a complete financial and goal based analysis with all of our clients. Then we formulate a unique, customized strategy in line with the achievement of our goals. Our attention to detail and expert understanding of Taxation Law helps us assist you to work smarter, not harder. Our long-term associations and outstanding customer satisfaction levels are a key indication of our work ethic and our proven track record.

The Stones Sharp Accountants office, opposite Alexandra Gardens in Kew, is fitted out with the most advanced technology and assets. This guarantees not just that we are able to meet your needs effectively, we’ll also undertake the greatest degree of scrutiny ensuring your individual information stays 100% secure.

Our two managing partners Shane and Eric, supported by their team of dynamic professionals, have shown repeatedly that the right advice and planning is invaluable. The right strategy, focus and timing can have a monumental impact on revenue, profitability, and overall business success.

Stones Sharp Accountants welcome the chance to provide a free initial consultation with one of our skilled experts, so contact us today and arrange an appointment.

                                               All about Accounting & Financial Planning Services

Almost any kind of business will benefit from taking the help of a skilled accountant. Accountants are also talented enough to help people manage their personal finances, and make all of the suitable tax payments. Let’s have a look at a few of the most eminent accounting services, what each of their advantages are, and how you can go about getting the right accountant for your needs.


A chartered accountant will be capable enough to provide several different types of accounting services, depending upon how engaged you wish them to be within your business. A chartered accountant will usually take care of the bookkeeping for your personal finances or for your business. Chartered accountants may utilize specialized software such as using Quicken, MYOB or Cash Flow Manager.
A chartered accountant will also to establish a complete accounting system, which will assist you to get clear on what your business or personal financial position is at. Once you are clear upon your financial position you will be capable to make more wise decisions about your company.


An experienced and skilled accountant will care for all kinds of taxation that may apply to your business or to you individually. This can involve the preparation of tax returns for companies, individuals, trusts, partnerships and superannuation funds. They will provide suggestion on all forms of taxation, involving foreign derivation and exemption, capital gains taxation as well as tax planning for high net worth individuals. Accountants will also be able to advice you on taxation effective investments, which will benefit and save the money of your company in the long run.

Financial Planning

Financial planning services are by which a professional is able to provide expert advice on numerous matters that relate to financial planning and wealth. This can comprises off information on a range of topics including retirement income streams, creating wealth, investment advice; estate planning and superannuation funds management.
They can also provide support on life insurance and life investment products. A good financial planner or accountant will be able to offer custom advice, tailor made for your particular situation and financial conditions.
The best place to look for a financial planner or chartered accountant is online. All main companies will have a website where you can review comprehensive information of the services that they provide, together with their contact details. Always opt for an established company to make sure that you will be receiving a top quality service. You may wish to have a few questions ready to ask the company when you first get in touch with them. These questions can involve:
• Is the work done personally or outsourced?
• How do they determine the fees?
• What clients do they work for at present?
• What associations are they members of?
• What are their professional skills?
• How long have they been practicing for?

Hiring a chartered accountant and financial planner for your business can help you keep a track on your incomes and expenses and at the same time plan for the future.